New Edge Microbials

New Edge Microbials

New Edge Microbials (NEM) supplies beneficial live microbial cultures to the agriculture industry in Australia.  NEM specialises in the marketing of Rhizobium Legume Inoculants and VA Mycorrhiza into broad-acre farming systems.  Depending on the application and formulation restrictions of the active ingredient, NEM can supply live microbial cultures as liquids, dry powders, and in vacuum sealed vials.


NEM supplies legume inoculants in two formulations for different situations

  1. EasyRhiz®,  a concentrated freeze-dried formulation, stored under vacuum for trouble-free application via fine spray nozzles
  2. Nodule N®, a  traditional sterile peat formulation for seed coating prior to planting.


easyrhiz-vial--lupin-seedEasyRhizEasyRhiz® Freeze Dried Soluble Legume Inoculant:

  • Easy to mix - stays in suspension and contains no particulate matter.
  • Easy to apply - water soluble culture enclosed in a 30ml glass vial under vacuum.
  • Available for all grain legumes, most pasture legumes and all special minor use inoculants
  • ALIRU recommended strains.
  • Minimum shelf life of 2 years when stored at 4°C to 10°C. Little storage space required.
  • Supplied with a protecting agent that assists survival during application in spray systems and on-seed prior to planting.

Nodule N® - Sterile Peat;

  • Mix with water and apply directly to grain legume or pasture seed.
  • Mix with Nodule N® Protector (polymer) and lime coat pasture seeds
  • Available for all grain legumes and major pasture legumes.
  • NSW-DPI recommended strains.
  • Available in 1.25 kg and 250 gram packs as per NEM Legume Inoculant Group Chart.

All NEM legume inoculants are produced using strains that have been tested and selected by the Australian Legume Inoculant Research Unit (ALIRU) as the most productive rhizobium strain for each legume crop.

VA Mycorrhiza:

NEM provides Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM) fungi as Myco-Gro® a fine dry powder.  Myco-Gro® contains the live spore of a beneficial natural fungus that colonises the root systems of most plants, growing inside the root and out into the soil.  The fungus extends the root system of the plant, and has been reported to significantly improve;

  • Plant water use efficiency – by extending the plant root system.
  • Nutrient absorption from the soil solution – by solubilising phosphates and absorbing.
  • Plant establishment and growth.
  • Soil aggregation – by producing compounds that bind soil particles together.