About NEM

Founded in 1999 by one of Australia’s pre-eminent Microbiologists, Sandy Montague, New Edge Microbials Pty Ltd (NEM) have grown to become the leading Australian supplier of live microbial cultures to agriculture and industry.

With a product range spanning both agricultural and enviro-remediation purposes, NEM produce cultures in a range of ready to use forms including liquids, powders, vacuum sealed vials and traditional peat-carried inoculants.

Regionally based in Albury, NEM boast a strong R&D capacity led by one of Australia’s leading authorities on Microbial Bio-control, Dr Kamal Mohd (Ph.d). We are forging research partnerships with some of Australia’s most distinguished universities so that we remain at the“new edge” of microbiological development.

Our team of experienced company representatives work closely with our valued customer base to derive outcomes that are both environmentally and commercially sustainable.

Our Team

New Edge Microbials - Sandy Montague, Company Founder, Microbiologist

Sandy Montague

Company Founder

Longtime industry stalwart and innovator, Sandy has been involved in the Australian microbiological industry since the mid seventies.

Sandy’s experience is sought by agriculturalists and scientists from across the globe when trying to overcome difficult biological and manufacturing problems.

Originally setting up NEM as an enviro-remediation company in the 1998, Sandy soon realized the need for an Australian manufacturer of legume inoculants. Building the plant from the ground up, Sandy laid a solid foundation for what has grown to become the largest manufacturer of it’s type in the country.

New Edge Microbials - Daniel Zinga, CEO/ Director of Sales

Daniel Zinga

CEO/ Director of Sales

From a farming background in the central tablelands of NSW, Daniel’s early career as an agronomist set him up well for his later roles with large agrichem companies Becker Underwood and BASF.

Joining New Edge in 2014 Daniel has masterminded the marketing effort that has seen NEM grow into the largest specialist manufacturer of seed inoculants in Australia.

New Edge Microbials - Louise Dove, Company Representative

Louise Dove

Company Representative
Cert IV Accounting & HR Management

Having worked alongside Sandy for more than 20 years, Louise has an unparalleled knowledge of the firm’s product range and manufacturing processes.

Recently promoted from fulfillment to the role of company representative, Louise is responsible for customers situated in NSW, Qld, NT & the Goulburn Valley

New Edge Microbials - Lachlan Broad, Company Representative

Lachlan Broad

Company Representative

Recently joining the NEM team, Lachlan brings a wealth of technical and market experience having worked with some of the world’s leading agricultural brands.

Lachlan is responsible for customers located in Victoria and South Australia.

New Edge Microbials - Allie Cassidy, Orders and Fulfilment

Allie Cassidy

Orders & Fulfilment 

Another long term student of Sandy Montague, having worked with him for 9 years. 

Allie has a working knowledge of the firm’s products making her an authoritative source of information to clients seeking order fulfilment.

New Edge Microbials - Sally Davies, Admin and Fulfilment

Sally Davies

Admin & Fulfilment

Dip. Business and Accounting

Eloquent and composed, Sally has been helping at NEM for only the last two years but as Sandy’s sister, it could be argued that her influence at NEM has spanned a far longer period of time.

Sally is well known to most of our customers and her calm demeanour is one of our greatest assets when things get busy in the cropping season.

New Edge Microbials - Dr Kamal Mohd, Research Scientist

Dr Kamal Mohd

Research Scientist
B.Sc.Ag (Hons)
M.Sc.Ms (Plant Pathology)
M.Sc. (Plant Science)
Ph.d. (Microbial Bio-control)Post Doc (Microbial Bio-control)

One of Australia’s leading authorities on soil microbiology, Kamal is a cutting edge researcher leading the development of new and exciting microbial strains here at NEM.

With over 40 articles published in leading scientific journals such as Plant Gene, Kamal continues the search for the most sustainable microbial solutions to issues in both agriculture and industry. 

New Edge Microbials - Elissa Barrett, Laboratory and QA Manager

Elissa Barrett

Laboratory & QA Manager
Advanced Certificate in Laboratory Technology
Associate Diploma Applied Science (laboratory technology)
Bachelor Applied Science (Biology Biotechnology)

With almost 20 years of experience, Elissa’s knowledge as a production microbiologist provides the day to day rigour necessary for NEM to produce such a high-quality product.

Elissa attention to detail is the back bone of NEM’s quality assurance program.

New Edge Microbials - Danny Hirt, Production Manager

Danny Hirt

Production Manager

Another of Sandy’s founding recruits to NEM, Danny’s role covers all facets of production and maintenance.

With an encyclopedic knowledge of what is a very complicated production facility, Danny is integral to keeping NEM at the forefront of the Australian industry.

New Edge Microbials - Grant Kelson, chief financial officer and chief operations officer

Grant Kelson

B.Bus (Finance & Chinese Bus) MBA

Also from an agricultural background, Grant has a range of skills spanning finance,marketing and agribusiness.

Grant has lectured extensively in Chinese universities and brings a passion for business development and international trade to NEM.

Ben Barlow

Executive Chairman
B.Ec (Economics & Finance)M.Bus. Ag

From a farming family in the Moama region, Ben’s early career led him into corporate finance to an executive level holding leadership roles both nationally and internationally.

Ben now specializes in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, as well as agribusiness development.