Bioremediation is the use of microorganisms to degrade undesirable contaminants .

These contaminants can be found in soil, sludge, effluent, ground or surface water. NEM microbes return these substrates to an environmentally acceptable state.  

New Edge Microbials Pty Ltd produce a range of microbial cultures for the bioremediation of industrial, agriculture and aquaculture waste streams. Our ongoing research and cooperation with leading microbiological companies and universities around the world has resulted in a range of products with specific applications to treat various waste materials within these industries.

The strains of microbes present in NEM waste treatment products are carefully selected and are among natures most powerful and useful degraders. The addition of specific microbes of known degradation capabilities offers a range of benefits that will;

  • Target specific undesirable compounds
  • Accelerate the contaminant removal process
  • Enhance the overall biotreatment processes

New-Edge Microbial products are produced as either freeze dried vials, concentrated pastes or liquid cultures. All products are tested for viability and the absence of pathogenic organisms before release. Importantly, all strains are naturally occurring and do not harm human, animal, plant or marine life and are safe to use in any type of bioremediation processes.

New Edge Microbials standard product range covers many organic contaminants, however by their nature some industrial waste streams are site specific and therefore require a tailored culture and treatment system for optimal biological degradation. NEM work with customers to under-take site-specific assessments to determine the types and optimum number of microbes and the most effective application system.